It has almost been a year since my nervous breakdown and I still can’t believe I’m here and better than ever. Talking about going on a trip doesn’t scare the shit out of me anymore. And you see, that’s what I hated about myself. I have the opportunity of travelling anywhere I want, because I have an awesome hard-working dad who wants me to go out to see the world, but recently I have developed this unreasonable fear of going away and specially on a plane. But I’ve changed and I know I can do it. I get that for anyone else this is nonsense and it’s not a big deal, but it is. It’s been a huge one and I had a lot of problems because of it. 

19:56 Today was a good day

Small things matter. And that’s why I wanna keep this precious memory in this little box so I can always remember it.

10:41"Stop setting yourself on fire for someone who stays to watch you burn." — Haiku on Perspective (via sleepychick)

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00:34"what’s your msn?" — ancient excerpt from a dead language (via meilanrawr)

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